Mobile Recognition

GPS Recognition is one way PayPike™ is innovative over other emerging solutions.  It makes use of geofencing tech and the like to provide for timely delivery and engagement, relevant offers and options.  It makes for a less bulky and overall better order ahead experience that is smoother than any others by pushing real-time options  to your device when in "range".  The GPS check-in feature makes it easier for patrons to efficiently check in/out and receive updates for orders and events right on their mobile device.  This ensures that customers spend their time wisely and preorder preparation is aptly timed for an efficient experience.  GPS check-in is just one feature of PayPike™ that utilizes geolocation coordinates when customers check in/out of a predefined vendor location.  This ultimately leads to an improved and efficient user experience for both vendors and their customers in an effort to learn each customer's exact preferences.  Thus, customers get personalized and efficient user experiences every time at every one of our associated vendor locations.  Simply allow location services on your device.  We'll take care of the rest!  There is an outer/inner perimeter set by each vendor to trigger separate actions.  

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Additionally, we use nearby beacon cloud services to send personalized messages to a user's device such as: "Would you like a personal shopper?"; "Would you like to check-in to this location"; and "Would you like to use your rewards today?".  Offers change based on vendor settings and user profile and past purchase info.  GPS/RFID tech makes it easy/efficient.

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