It is a personalized, profile marketing/pay app that is tailored to each member’s buying preference.

What is PayPike™?

It is a mobile wallet app that is tailored to each member’s buying preferences.  With it one may get only relevant deals & use a cardless pay portal (set in one secure buying profile).

What can I do with PayPike™?

With it one can order ahead and rest at ease knowing that delivery will happen as planned.

What is behind the name "PayPike™"?

PayPike™ is a patented method of moving customers through a consumer experience more efficiently. With profile-in-hand, one may order, pay, gift and get offers as they wish.

How is PayPike™ different from others?

Traditional solutions process transactions for one vendor only.  PayPike™ is for a network of vendors by which one may utilize a cardless pay portal plus many other key advantages.

What else is different about PayPike™?

PayPike™ utilizes a patented monster consumer profile database to filter deals to each member’s specific preferences and past purchases instead of pushing random offers out.

What is GPS Zone recognition?

A GPS Zone or "Net" is a term we use to identify customer mobile devices attached to a customer order in range of a vendor using GPS and/or RFID techniques for better service.

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